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Name TitleTime
Plenary --- Saturday October 8th --- CULC 152 --- Chair: Robert Seiringer
Michael AizenmanEmergent Pfaffian Relations in Quasi-Planar ModelsSat 8th 8:30am
Alessandro GiulianiUniversality of transport coefficients in the Haldane-Hubbard model.Sat 8th 11:00am
Plenary --- Sunday October 9th --- CULC 152 --- Chair: Jan Philip Solovej
Yoshiko OgataA class of asymmetric gapped Hamiltonians on quantum spin chains and its characterization.Sun 9th 8:30am
Michael Weinstein Honeycomb Schroedinger Operators in the Strong Binding RegimeSun 9th 11:00am
Plenary --- Monday October 10th --- CULC 152 --- Chair: Abel Klein
Svetlana JitomirskayaQuasiperiodic Schrodinger operators: sharp arithmetic spectral transitions and universal hierarchical structure of eigenfunctionMon 10th 8:30am
Maciej ZworskiMicrolocal methods in dynamical systemsMon 10th 11:00am
Plenary --- Tuesday October 11th --- CULC 152 --- Chair: Pavel Exner
Peter Kuchment Analytic properties of dispersion relations and spectra of periodic operatorsTue 11th 8:30am
Fernando BrandaoQuantum Approximate Markov Chains and the Locality of Entanglement SpectrumTue 11th 11:00am
Short --- Saturday October 8th --- CULC 152 --- Chair: Robert Seiringer
Nelson Javier Buitrago AzaLarge Deviation Principles for Weakly Interacting Fermions Sat 8th 10:00am
Søren FournaisThe semi-classical limit of large fermionic systemsSat 8th 10:15am
David MüllerLieb-Thirring and Cwickel-Lieb-Rozenblum inequalities for perturbed graphene with a Coulomb impurity Sat 8th 10:30am
Takuya MineSpectral shift function for the magnetic Schroedinger operators Sat 8th 10:45am
Short --- Monday October 10th --- CULC 152 --- Chair: Abel Klein
Matthew ChaThe complete set of infinite volume ground states for Kitaev's abelian quantum double modelsMon 10th 10:00am
Christoph FischbacherThe proper dissipative extensions of a dual pairMon 10th 10:15am
Eugene DumitrescuDiscrimination of correlated and entangling quantum channels with selective process tomographyMon 10th 10:30am
Yese J. FelipeQuantum Music: Applying Quantum Theory to Music Theory and CompositionMon 10th 10:45am
Short --- Tuesday October 11th --- CULC 152 --- Chair: Pavel Exner
Thomas Norman DamThe Spin-Boson model in the strong interaction limitTue 11th 10:00am
Atsuhide IshidaNon-existence of the wave operators for the repulsive HamiltoniansTue 11th 10:15am
Shanshan LiContinuous Time Quantum Walks in finite DimensionsTue 11th 10:30am
Poster --- Sunday October 9th --- CULC --- Chair:
Kimmy CushmanLie Algebras in Quantum Field TheoriesSun 9th 10:00am
Shingo Kukitanon-Markovian dynamics from singular perturbation methodSun 9th 10:00am
Josiah ParkAsymptotics for Steklov Eigenvalues on Non-Smooth DomainsSun 9th 10:00am
Diane PelejoMaximum Fidelity under Mixed Unitary or Unital Quantum ChannelsSun 9th 10:00am
Itaru Sasaki Embedded Eigenvalues and Neumann-Wigner Potentials for Relativistic Schrodinger Operators Sun 9th 10:00am
Cem YuceSelf-accelerating Parabolic Cylinder Waves in 1-DSun 9th 10:00am
Quantum mechanics on graphs and similar structures
Graphs --- Saturday October 8th --- Skiles 006 --- Chair: Delio Mugnolo
Pavel ExnerSingular Schrödinger operators with interactions supported by sets of codimension oneSat 8th 2:00pm
Cesar de OliveiraApproximations of Neumann nonuniformly collapsing stripsSat 8th 2:30pm
Claudio CacciapuotiExistence of Ground State for the NLS on Star-like GraphsSat 8th 3:00pm
Zhiqin LuGround State of Quantum LayersSat 8th 4:00pm
Hiroaki NiikuniSchrödinger operators on a zigzag supergraphene-based carbon nanotubeSat 8th 4:30pm
Petr SieglNon-self-adjoint graphsSat 8th 5:00pm
Graphs --- Sunday October 9th --- Skiles 006 --- Chair: Peter Kuchment
James KennedyEigenvalue estimates for quantum graphsSun 9th 2:00pm
Ram BandQuantum graphs which optimize the spectral gapSun 9th 2:30pm
Boris GutkinSpectral statistics of nearly unidirectional quantum graphsSun 9th 3:00pm
Evans HarrellPointwise control of eigenfunctions on quantum graphsSun 9th 4:00pm
Gueorgui RaykovLocal Eigenvalue Asymptotics of the Perturbed Krein LaplacianSun 9th 4:30pm
Kenichi ItoBranching form of the resolvent at threshold for discrete LaplaciansSun 9th 5:00pm
Graphs --- Monday October 10th --- Skiles 006 --- Chair: Maciej Zworski
Françoise TrucTopological Resonances on Quantum GraphsMon 10th 2:00pm
Jens Bolte Spectra of interacting particles on quantum graphsMon 10th 2:30pm
Jon Harrisonn-particle quantum statistics on graphsMon 10th 3:00pm
Tracy Weyand Zeta Functions of the Dirac Operator on Quantum GraphsMon 10th 4:00pm
Jiri Lipovsky How to find the effective size of a non-Weyl graphMon 10th 4:30pm
Vladimir RabinovichEssential spectrum of Schrödinger operators with no periodic potentials on periodic graphsMon 10th 5:00pm
New mathematical topics arising in current theoretical physics
New topics --- Saturday October 8th --- Skiles 202 --- Chair: Robert Seiringer
Martin FraasPerturbation Theory of Non-Demolition MeasurementsSat 8th 2:00pm
Emil ProdanA geometric identity for index theorySat 8th 2:30pm
Rainer DickDressing up for length gauge: Mathematical aspects of a debate in quantum opticsSat 8th 3:00pm
Vit JakubskyOn dispersion of wave packets in Dirac materialsSat 8th 4:00pm
Brian SwingleTensor networks, entanglement, and geometrySat 8th 4:30pm
Volkher ScholzMatrix product approximations to multipoint functions in two-dimensional conformal field theory Sat 8th 5:00pm
Boris GutkinQuantum chaos in many-particle systemsSat 8th 5:30pm
New topics --- Sunday October 9th --- Skiles 202 --- Chair: Robert Seiringer
Anushya ChandranHeating in periodically driven Floquet systemsSun 9th 2:00pm
Pieter NaaijkensOperator algebras and data hiding in topologically ordered systemsSun 9th 2:30pm
Subir SachdevThe Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models of non-Fermi liquids and black holesSun 9th 3:00pm
Marco Merkli Evolution of a two-level system strongly coupled to a thermal bathSun 9th 4:00pm
Hal TasakiWhat is thermal equilibrium and how do we get there? Sun 9th 4:30pm
Paul GoldbartUniversality in transitionless quantum drivingSun 9th 5:00pm
New topics --- Monday October 10th --- Skiles 202 --- Chair: Bruno Nachtergaele
Takahiro Morimoto Classification theory of topological insulators with Clifford algebras and its application to interacting fermions Mon 10th 2:00pm
Carlos sa de Melo Effects of spin-orbit coupling on the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition. Mon 10th 2:30pm
Maksym SerbynProperties of many-body localized phase: entanglement specMon 10th 3:00pm
Po-Yao ChangEntanglement negativity in many-body physicsMon 10th 4:00pm
Israel Klich Novel quantum phase transition from bounded to extensive entanglement entropy.Mon 10th 4:30pm
Shina TanExact relations for two-component Fermi gases with contact interactionsMon 10th 5:00pm
Nicholas ReadCompactly-supported Wannier functions, algebraic K-theory, and tensor network statesMon 10th 5:30pm
Quantum information
QI --- Saturday October 8th --- Skiles 268 --- Chair: Christopher King
Mario Berta Multivariate Trace InequalitiesSat 8th 2:00pm
Debbie LeungEmbezzlement of entanglement, conservation laws, and nonlocal gamesSat 8th 2:30pm
Beth RuskaiExtreme Points of Unital Quantum ChannelsSat 8th 3:00pm
Mark Wilde Universal Recoverability in Quantum InformationSat 8th 4:00pm
Jeongwan HaahLocal Approximate Quantum Error Correction Sat 8th 4:30pm
QI --- Sunday October 9th --- Skiles 268 --- Chair: Beth Ruskai
Isaac Kim Markovian marginalsSun 9th 2:00pm
Ke Li Discriminating quantum states: the multiple Chernoff distanceSun 9th 2:30pm
Graeme SmithUniformly additive entropic formulasSun 9th 3:00pm
Stefan BoettcherThe Renormalization Group Solution of Quantum Walks on Complex NetworksSun 9th 4:00pm
Michael Walter Entanglement in Random Tensor NetworksSun 9th 4:30pm
QI --- Monday October 10th --- Skiles 268 --- Chair: Renato Renner
Nilanjana DattaContractivity properties of a quantum diffusion semigroupMon 10th 2:00pm
William Slofstra Tsirelson's problem and linear system games Mon 10th 2:30pm
Carlos Ortiz-MarreroCategories and Topological Quantum ComputingMon 10th 4:00pm
Vern PaulsenPerfect embezzlement of a Bell StateMon 10th 4:30pm
Anna VershyninaQuantum analogues of geometric inequalities for Information TheoryMon 10th 5:00pm
Quantum mechanics with random features
Random --- Saturday October 8th --- Skiles 005 --- Chair: Simone Warzel
Houssam Abdul RahmanEntanglement and Transport in the disordered Quatum XY chain.Sat 8th 2:00pm
Dhriti DolaiSpectral Statistics of Random Schroedinger Operators with Non-Ergodic Random PotentialSat 8th 2:30pm
Milivoje LukicKdV equation with almost periodic initial dataSat 8th 3:00pm
Tatyana ShcherbynaLocal regime of 1d random band matrices Sat 8th 4:00pm
Joe ChenSpectral decimation and its application to spectral analysis on infinite fractal lattices Sat 8th 4:30pm
Random --- Sunday October 9th --- Skiles 005 --- Chair: Gunter Stolz
Vojkan JaksicAdiabatic theorems and Landauer's principle in quantum statistical mechanics Sun 9th 2:00pm
Abel KleinEigensystem multiscale analysis for Anderson localization in energy intervals ISun 9th 2:30pm
Alexander ElgartEigensystem multiscale analysis for Anderson localization in energy intervals IISun 9th 3:00pm
Jeffrey SchenkerLocalization in the disordered Holstein modelSun 9th 4:00pm
Per von SoostenLocalizationiin the Hierarchical Anderson ModelSun 9th 4:30pm
Many-body systems and statistical mechanics
Many-body --- Saturday October 8th --- Skiles 249 --- Chair: Vieri Mastropietro
Christian Hainzl Spectral theoretic aspects of the BCS theory of superconductivitySat 8th 2:00pm
Marius LemmCondensation of fermion pairs in a domainSat 8th 2:30pm
Marcello Porta Mean field evolution of fermionic systemsSat 8th 3:00pm
Michele Correggi Local Density Approximation for the Almost-bosonic Anyon Gas Sat 8th 4:00pm
Rupert Frank Derivation of an effective evolution equation for a strongly coupled polaronSat 8th 4:30pm
Peter Pickl Derivation of the Maxwell-Schrödinger Equations from the Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonian Sat 8th 5:00pm
Nicolas Rougerie Rigidity of the Laughlin liquidSat 8th 5:30pm
Many-body --- Sunday October 9th --- Skiles 249 --- Chair: Benjamin Schlein
Ian JauslinGround state construction of bilayer grapheneSun 9th 2:00pm
Phan Thanh NamStability of 2D focusing many-boson systemsSun 9th 2:30pm
Shannon StarrRobust Bounds for Emptiness Formation Probability for DimersSun 9th 3:00pm
Bruno NachtergaeleStability of Frustration-Free Ground States of Quantum Lattice Systems Sun 9th 4:00pm
Jan Philip Solovej Zero modes for Dirac operators with magnetic linksSun 9th 4:30pm
Quantum mechanics of large systems with random features
Random/Many-body --- Monday October 10th --- Skiles 249 --- Chair: Alessandro Giuliani/Jeffrey Schenker
Rafael DucatezAnderson localization for infinitely many interacting particules under Hartree Fock theory Mon 10th 2:00pm
Francois Huveneers A random matrix approach to Many-Body LocalizationMon 10th 2:30pm
John ImbrieConstructive Methods for Localization and Eigenvalue StatisticsMon 10th 3:00pm
Alain JoyeRepresentations of CCR describing infinite coherent statesMon 10th 4:00pm
Chris Laumann Many-body localization in mean-field quantum glasses Mon 10th 4:30pm
Vieri Mastropietro Localization of Interacting Fermions in the Aubry-André ModelMon 10th 5:00pm
Robert SeiringerDecay of correlations and absence of superfluidity in the disordered Tonks-Girardeau gasMon 10th 5:30pm