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Same Day Registration

Students and unemployed scholars or people working in developing countries pay lower conference fees. Please answer the following questions to help determine your fees.

Your conference fees are $200.

Your conference fees are $70.

Application for Financial Support

We have limited funding to contribute to travel by a select group of graduate students and postdocs. Priority will be given to those presenting a talk or paper and to those whose travel will also be supported financially by their advisors or institutions.

Please give full name and location of your home institution.
Name of your advisor or other recommender.
In what year are you in your graduate studies?
What is the field you are working in?
Have you published or submitted a paper you want to present?
Enter the reference or link to archive for your paper.
Enter the title of your PhD thesis if you already know it.
Enter the abstract of your PhD thesis.
What are the anticipated cost for attending qmath13?
What part of the above cost will be covered by your home institution or advisor grant?

Please have a faculty member who knows your research write one or two paragraphs in support of your application to: with the subject line: support letter for travel funding. An automatic request for such a letter will be sent to an address you enter below (optional).

Email address of the person writing a recommendation.
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