QMath13: Mathematical Results in Quantum Physics

A conference series "Mathematical Results in Quantum Theory" (or QMath) was initiated by P. Exner and P. Seba in 1987. The aim is not only to bring together people interested in the "quantum part" of mathematical physics, but also to stimulate a search of new quantum effects and a deeper understanding of quantum physics, as well as the development of methods which can help in situations where the standard quantum mechanical tools are inadequate. Up to now there were twelve meetings, the thirteenth is to be held at the Georgia Institute of Technology during October 8-11, 2016.

Local organizing committee:

Advisory board

  • Gregory Berkolaiko, Texas A&M University
  • Rupert Frank, California Institute of Technology
  • Vieri Mastropietro, Università di Milano
  • Bruno Nachtergaele, University of California, Davis
  • Mary Beth Ruskai, University of Vermont
  • Simone Warzel, Technische Universität München