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Name TitleSessionRoom
Saturday October 8th
Sat 08 8:30am
Michael AizenmanEmergent Pfaffian Relations in Quasi-Planar ModelsPlenaryCULC 152
Sat 08 10:00am
Nelson Javier Buitrago AzaLarge Deviation Principles for Weakly Interacting Fermions ShortCULC 152
Søren FournaisThe semi-classical limit of large fermionic systemsShortCULC 152
David MüllerLieb-Thirring and Cwickel-Lieb-Rozenblum inequalities for perturbed graphene with a Coulomb impurity ShortCULC 152
Takuya MineSpectral shift function for the magnetic Schroedinger operators ShortCULC 152
Sat 08 11:00am
Alessandro GiulianiUniversality of transport coefficients in the Haldane-Hubbard model.PlenaryCULC 152
Sat 08 2:00pm
Pavel ExnerSingular Schrödinger operators with interactions supported by sets of codimension oneGraphsSkiles 006
Martin FraasPerturbation Theory of Non-Demolition MeasurementsNew topicsSkiles 202
Mario Berta Multivariate Trace InequalitiesQISkiles 268
Houssam Abdul RahmanEntanglement and Transport in the disordered Quatum XY chain.RandomSkiles 005
Christian Hainzl Spectral theoretic aspects of the BCS theory of superconductivityMany-bodySkiles 249
Sat 08 2:30pm
Cesar de OliveiraApproximations of Neumann nonuniformly collapsing stripsGraphsSkiles 006
Emil ProdanA geometric identity for index theoryNew topicsSkiles 202
Debbie LeungEmbezzlement of entanglement, conservation laws, and nonlocal gamesQISkiles 268
Dhriti DolaiSpectral Statistics of Random Schroedinger Operators with Non-Ergodic Random PotentialRandomSkiles 005
Marius LemmCondensation of fermion pairs in a domainMany-bodySkiles 249
Sat 08 3:00pm
Claudio CacciapuotiExistence of Ground State for the NLS on Star-like GraphsGraphsSkiles 006
Rainer DickDressing up for length gauge: Mathematical aspects of a debate in quantum opticsNew topicsSkiles 202
Beth RuskaiExtreme Points of Unital Quantum ChannelsQISkiles 268
Milivoje LukicKdV equation with almost periodic initial dataRandomSkiles 005
Marcello Porta Mean field evolution of fermionic systemsMany-bodySkiles 249
Sat 08 4:00pm
Zhiqin LuGround State of Quantum LayersGraphsSkiles 006
Vit JakubskyOn dispersion of wave packets in Dirac materialsNew topicsSkiles 202
Mark Wilde Universal Recoverability in Quantum InformationQISkiles 268
Tatyana ShcherbynaLocal regime of 1d random band matrices RandomSkiles 005
Michele Correggi Local Density Approximation for the Almost-bosonic Anyon Gas Many-bodySkiles 249
Sat 08 4:30pm
Hiroaki NiikuniSchrödinger operators on a zigzag supergraphene-based carbon nanotubeGraphsSkiles 006
Brian SwingleTensor networks, entanglement, and geometryNew topicsSkiles 202
Jeongwan HaahLocal Approximate Quantum Error Correction QISkiles 268
Joe ChenSpectral decimation and its application to spectral analysis on infinite fractal lattices RandomSkiles 005
Rupert Frank Derivation of an effective evolution equation for a strongly coupled polaronMany-bodySkiles 249
Sat 08 5:00pm
Petr SieglNon-self-adjoint graphsGraphsSkiles 006
Volkher ScholzMatrix product approximations to multipoint functions in two-dimensional conformal field theory New topicsSkiles 202
Peter Pickl Derivation of the Maxwell-Schrödinger Equations from the Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonian Many-bodySkiles 249
Sat 08 5:30pm
Boris GutkinQuantum chaos in many-particle systemsNew topicsSkiles 202
Nicolas Rougerie Rigidity of the Laughlin liquidMany-bodySkiles 249
Sunday October 9th
Sun 09 8:30am
Yoshiko OgataA class of asymmetric gapped Hamiltonians on quantum spin chains and its characterization.PlenaryCULC 152
Sun 09 10:00am
Kimmy CushmanLie Algebras in Quantum Field TheoriesPosterCULC
Shingo Kukitanon-Markovian dynamics from singular perturbation methodPosterCULC
Josiah ParkAsymptotics for Steklov Eigenvalues on Non-Smooth DomainsPosterCULC
Diane PelejoMaximum Fidelity under Mixed Unitary or Unital Quantum ChannelsPosterCULC
Itaru Sasaki Embedded Eigenvalues and Neumann-Wigner Potentials for Relativistic Schrodinger Operators PosterCULC
Cem YuceSelf-accelerating Parabolic Cylinder Waves in 1-DPosterCULC
Sun 09 11:00am
Michael Weinstein Honeycomb Schroedinger Operators in the Strong Binding RegimePlenaryCULC 152
Sun 09 2:00pm
James KennedyEigenvalue estimates for quantum graphsGraphsSkiles 006
Anushya ChandranHeating in periodically driven Floquet systemsNew topicsSkiles 202
Isaac Kim Markovian marginalsQISkiles 268
Vojkan JaksicAdiabatic theorems and Landauer's principle in quantum statistical mechanics RandomSkiles 005
Ian JauslinGround state construction of bilayer grapheneMany-bodySkiles 249
Sun 09 2:30pm
Ram BandQuantum graphs which optimize the spectral gapGraphsSkiles 006
Pieter NaaijkensOperator algebras and data hiding in topologically ordered systemsNew topicsSkiles 202
Ke Li Discriminating quantum states: the multiple Chernoff distanceQISkiles 268
Abel KleinEigensystem multiscale analysis for Anderson localization in energy intervals IRandomSkiles 005
Phan Thanh NamStability of 2D focusing many-boson systemsMany-bodySkiles 249
Sun 09 3:00pm
Boris GutkinSpectral statistics of nearly unidirectional quantum graphsGraphsSkiles 006
Subir SachdevThe Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models of non-Fermi liquids and black holesNew topicsSkiles 202
Graeme SmithUniformly additive entropic formulasQISkiles 268
Alexander ElgartEigensystem multiscale analysis for Anderson localization in energy intervals IIRandomSkiles 005
Shannon StarrRobust Bounds for Emptiness Formation Probability for DimersMany-bodySkiles 249
Sun 09 4:00pm
Evans HarrellPointwise control of eigenfunctions on quantum graphsGraphsSkiles 006
Marco Merkli Evolution of a two-level system strongly coupled to a thermal bathNew topicsSkiles 202
Stefan BoettcherThe Renormalization Group Solution of Quantum Walks on Complex NetworksQISkiles 268
Jeffrey SchenkerLocalization in the disordered Holstein modelRandomSkiles 005
Bruno NachtergaeleStability of Frustration-Free Ground States of Quantum Lattice Systems Many-bodySkiles 249
Sun 09 4:30pm
Gueorgui RaykovLocal Eigenvalue Asymptotics of the Perturbed Krein LaplacianGraphsSkiles 006
Hal TasakiWhat is thermal equilibrium and how do we get there? New topicsSkiles 202
Michael Walter Entanglement in Random Tensor NetworksQISkiles 268
Per von SoostenLocalizationiin the Hierarchical Anderson ModelRandomSkiles 005
Jan Philip Solovej Zero modes for Dirac operators with magnetic linksMany-bodySkiles 249
Sun 09 5:00pm
Kenichi ItoBranching form of the resolvent at threshold for discrete LaplaciansGraphsSkiles 006
Paul GoldbartUniversality in transitionless quantum drivingNew topicsSkiles 202
Monday October 10th
Mon 10 8:30am
Svetlana JitomirskayaQuasiperiodic Schrodinger operators: sharp arithmetic spectral transitions and universal hierarchical structure of eigenfunctionPlenaryCULC 152
Mon 10 10:00am
Matthew ChaThe complete set of infinite volume ground states for Kitaev's abelian quantum double modelsShortCULC 152
Christoph FischbacherThe proper dissipative extensions of a dual pairShortCULC 152
Eugene DumitrescuDiscrimination of correlated and entangling quantum channels with selective process tomographyShortCULC 152
Yese J. FelipeQuantum Music: Applying Quantum Theory to Music Theory and CompositionShortCULC 152
Mon 10 11:00am
Maciej ZworskiMicrolocal methods in dynamical systemsPlenaryCULC 152
Mon 10 2:00pm
Françoise TrucTopological Resonances on Quantum GraphsGraphsSkiles 006
Takahiro Morimoto Classification theory of topological insulators with Clifford algebras and its application to interacting fermions New topicsSkiles 202
Nilanjana DattaContractivity properties of a quantum diffusion semigroupQISkiles 268
Rafael DucatezAnderson localization for infinitely many interacting particules under Hartree Fock theory Random/Many-bodySkiles 249
Mon 10 2:30pm
Jens Bolte Spectra of interacting particles on quantum graphsGraphsSkiles 006
Carlos sa de Melo Effects of spin-orbit coupling on the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition. New topicsSkiles 202
William Slofstra Tsirelson's problem and linear system games QISkiles 268
Francois Huveneers A random matrix approach to Many-Body LocalizationRandom/Many-bodySkiles 249
Mon 10 3:00pm
Jon Harrisonn-particle quantum statistics on graphsGraphsSkiles 006
Maksym SerbynProperties of many-body localized phase: entanglement specNew topicsSkiles 202
John ImbrieConstructive Methods for Localization and Eigenvalue StatisticsRandom/Many-bodySkiles 249
Mon 10 4:00pm
Tracy Weyand Zeta Functions of the Dirac Operator on Quantum GraphsGraphsSkiles 006
Po-Yao ChangEntanglement negativity in many-body physicsNew topicsSkiles 202
Carlos Ortiz-MarreroCategories and Topological Quantum ComputingQISkiles 268
Alain JoyeRepresentations of CCR describing infinite coherent statesRandom/Many-bodySkiles 249
Mon 10 4:30pm
Jiri Lipovsky How to find the effective size of a non-Weyl graphGraphsSkiles 006
Israel Klich Novel quantum phase transition from bounded to extensive entanglement entropy.New topicsSkiles 202
Vern PaulsenPerfect embezzlement of a Bell StateQISkiles 268
Chris Laumann Many-body localization in mean-field quantum glasses Random/Many-bodySkiles 249
Mon 10 5:00pm
Vladimir RabinovichEssential spectrum of Schrödinger operators with no periodic potentials on periodic graphsGraphsSkiles 006
Shina TanExact relations for two-component Fermi gases with contact interactionsNew topicsSkiles 202
Anna VershyninaQuantum analogues of geometric inequalities for Information TheoryQISkiles 268
Vieri Mastropietro Localization of Interacting Fermions in the Aubry-André ModelRandom/Many-bodySkiles 249
Mon 10 5:30pm
Nicholas ReadCompactly-supported Wannier functions, algebraic K-theory, and tensor network statesNew topicsSkiles 202
Robert SeiringerDecay of correlations and absence of superfluidity in the disordered Tonks-Girardeau gasRandom/Many-bodySkiles 249
Tuesday October 11th
Tue 11 8:30am
Peter Kuchment Analytic properties of dispersion relations and spectra of periodic operatorsPlenaryCULC 152
Tue 11 10:00am
Thomas Norman DamThe Spin-Boson model in the strong interaction limitShortCULC 152
Atsuhide IshidaNon-existence of the wave operators for the repulsive HamiltoniansShortCULC 152
Shanshan LiContinuous Time Quantum Walks in finite DimensionsShortCULC 152
Tue 11 11:00am
Fernando BrandaoQuantum Approximate Markov Chains and the Locality of Entanglement SpectrumPlenaryCULC 152