Special Sessions

There will be 5 Special Sessions:

  • Quantum mechanics with random features
    • Abstract:This session will cover recent advances in random and quasi-periodic quantum systems, also including aspects of stochastic quantum dynamics and random matrix theory. We aim at covering mathematical as well as physical perspectives. One focus will lie on the effects of disorder on quantum many-body systems, such as manifestations of many-body localization and thermalization.
    • Organizers: Gunter Stolz and Simone Warzel.
  • Quantum mechanics on graphs and similar structures
    • Abstract: This session aims to give an account of recent trends and results in spectral theory of Schroedinger and Dirac operators in geometrically non-trivial settings. The theme covers a variety of concepts ranging from differential equations on graphs and networks through mathematical models of nanodevices to spectral geometry in a broad sense.
    • Organizers: Gregory Berkolaiko, David Krejcirik and Delio Mugnolo.
  • Many-body systems and statistical mechanics
    • Abstract: Many body quantum physics deals with collective properties of systems with a large number of particles, like electrons in metals or Bose-Einstein condensates. In the absence of interaction, the properties of many body systems can be deduced from the single particle Hamilton operator. For interacting particles, on the other hand, one needs to study the full N particle Schroedinger equation, with N very large and virtually infinite; this requires the development of new mathematical methods and tools.
    • Organizers: Vieri Mastropietro and Benjamin Schlein .
  • New mathematical topics arising in current theoretical physics
    • Abstract: Talks in this session will aim to update the QMATH community on developments in theoretical physics that raise new mathematical questions relevant for quantum physics or that have the potential to do so.
    • Organizers: Bruno Nachtergale and Robert Seiriger.
  • Quantum information