Conference Venue

The buildings

The conference will take place in two buildings facing each other in the center of Georgia Tech campus.

The Skiles Classroom building

The Skiles Classroom building is the home of the School of Mathematics. It contains the offices of all the Mathematics member of the Faculty together with several seminar and class rooms. All the afternoon special session talks will take place in this building.

The special sessions will meet as follows:

  • Quantum mechanics with random features (Saturday-Sunday): Skiles 005
  • Many-body systems and statistical mechanics (Saturday-Sunday): Skiles 249
  • Quantum mechanics of large systems with random features (Monday only): Skiles 005
  • Quantum mechanics on graphs and similar structures: Skiles 006
  • New mathematical topics arising in current theoretical physics: Skiles 202
  • Quantum information: Skiles 268

All rooms have white boards, projector and screen and a computer podium with a document camera. For speakers that will send their pdf file in advance, it will be available on the seminar room computer. If you plan to use the document camera. please let us know in advance. Rooms 202, 246 and 268 also have small black boards that can be used but are not very effective.

The Clough Undergraduate Learning Common

The Clough Undergraduate Learning Common (CULC) is one of the newest buildings on the Georgia Tech campus. Its interior is spacious and full of light with a lot of space to stand or seat, and chat. All coffee breaks and the reception for the public lecture will take place in the main atrium.

All plenary and short talks will take place in CULC main Auditorium room 152. It has two screen projectors and a computer podium with a document camera. Two small white boards are present but not visible from the entire room.

On the same level as the main Auditorium we have reserved rooms 123, 125, 127, 131 in CULC. These are smaller rooms with a capacity of 25/30 people that can be used for meetings or discussions.